Bonus day 1 – aaaand we’ve got some winners

Ok, so quite a few people thought my drawings were less than perfect (which is insane) and therefore neglected to send in their answers, in fear of getting laughed at. It is of course a silly thought that you would get laughed at because you send in incorrect answers (not that I won’t laugh at your wrong ideas, I’ll just laugh exactly as hard at you for not sending in something at all. HA!).

Of the people who did send in answers, the one with the highest score – and soon to be owner of a chaos draft set of his choice out of the 25 or so opened booster boxes I own – is Florian Platt from Berlin with a score of 7. Yes, 7 is the winning score. I’m disappointed in you! It’s not like my thought processes are somehow confused or confusing, are they?

But let’s go through the pictures and decipher them.

returned centaur

If you know me at all, or have followed this Blog at any time, you must know that my two favorite cards from the past couple of years were Cobble Brute and Returned Centaur. Even if you didn’t, you might have recognised this attractive centaur from playing Magic Origins or Theros limited. Some people asked me what the beer was about. Well, he needed a reason to go out, didn’t he? Plus, it tells you that he’s a nice guy! Which he is.

Most of you got this right, though those who do know me but haven’t talked about limited to me much had more trouble than everyone else.

chameleon colossus

So, what’s going on in this picture? It’s a chameleon that is falling from a tree, because the branch broke through. Why did the branch break through?`Because it’s freaking big! One might even say, it is colossally big, and as such it is, of course, a Chameleon Colossus.

Reactions ranged from “I have no idea” to “well, that’s obvious”, but in the end only three people had it correct, which was a bit surprising to me. It’s so pretty and clear!

stinkweed imp

This guy I did think was hard and was surprised that so many people actually had it right. This is not a demon, even if it might somewhat resemble one (no, it doesn’t!). It’s an Imp. Smoking weed. That stinks. It’s a Stinkweed Imp.


This was the biggest disappointment for me. I really thought more people would get it, because I talk about Cobblebrute so much, but apparently no such luck. And you need to know to answer the riddle is its flavor text. Easy.

I’ll admit that it is a little confusing the street in my picture complained about all the brutes, but hey, did you consider that it might have calmed down a little in old age? Notice also that the street he is talking to is just a regular old street that obvious cannot answer – because it’s not in fact from Ravnica.

Only two guys had this, and both of them also got Returned Centaur. For both of them, I’m giving out a special prize for knowing me so well and getting the cards most important to me correct – one Return to Ravnica and one Theros booster each, in the hopes that they can open and enjoy these cards as much as I have.


So, the popular opinion on this one was Voidmage Apprentice, which I didn’t really understand (or thought was somewhat politically incorrect) until someone spelled it out to me: take a Voidmage Prodigy that isn’t the best player ever (Kai Budde) and you’ve got a run of the mill apprentice. That… could have been the correct answer, but it isn’t.

It’s not about the Prodigy at all, it’s just about the Budde. If you know anything about oldschool tournaments, or have watched coverage of any tournament Kai Budde attended in the past years, you will know his past title of “German Juggernaut”. Take away the German part and what remains is a Juggernaut – the correct solution to this riddle.

I might have felt bad, if my sister didn’t solve it in 10 seconds flat, or less than three people had found the correct answer. The way it is, I choose to simply laugh at you 🙂

Imperial Recruiter

So, this apparently was really confusing. To be honest, I knew it was confusing and was thinking of changing it (I did change my plans of what to do several times during my work, which is why it is so confusing).

In short, this is the Emperor, and he’s recruiting people. He’s an Imperial Recruiter. Not sure, what Vader is doing there (or why he’s got less than three power), but hey, it’s really easy.

Nobody got this 😦

lord of the pit

I love this picture. It’s really cute. It is also one that most people had correctly, which is nice. To be fair though, it isn’t that hard, even if there are a lot of Pit Dwellers. It’s the best known one though – Lord of the Pit.


Almost everyone got these right, since they are kind of obvious – Horned Turtle and Fork.

Quite a few people actually got creative and put in a 10th solution. My favorite one of these is Hideous Laughter – and you, my friend, will get a draft set of Kamigawa online, so you can wait with me for Flashback drafts that will never happen.

And the random prize of one Stronghold booster goes to mister lucksack and soon to be owner of a full set of expeditions (purely from drafting) Amit Cohen. I just can’t believe some people.

If you won something, I’ll try to get back to you soon, though probably not today. Thanks for participating everyone, and I might do something like this again in the near future, though then it will span more categories and I’ll give more time.

Day 185 – it’s spoiler season, so let’s just do that

Hey guys, I’m too exhausted to write something nice now, since I haven’t slept nearly enough in days. I’m going to extend the deadline to tomorrow noonish, and then I’ll tell you all about the cards I drew and who won what. Maybe I’ll come up with another little quiz too, which would be fun, though I’m not too terribly optimistic about my chances, as I really have a ton to do.

Since it’d kind of be a shame to not at least discuss some spoilers, let’s do that instead now. Ah yes, it is now officially spoiler season. With the number of cards spoiled already I am almost disappointed about what we get now, though that is probably mostly due to the fact they are almost exclusively rare and mythic, and one of the two exceptions is this

You’d think in today’s world a one mana 2/2 with a significant downside and a puny upside would be a marginal common, but I suppose they really don’t want aggro decks to exist in this format. It’s not like having Scythe Leopard at common would be insane or anything, but as long as you are sufficiently aggressive this is a card you might want to put into your deck.

This on the other hand is a pretty good card. It’s as close as it gets nowadays to instant speed three or less mana hard removal spells at common or uncommon, and to be fair, it’s getting fairly close. Sure, enchantment removal still ruins your day, but you even get to exile indestructible dudes like Ulamog, or potentially cast your opponents creature from exile if they choose to print such synergies for Ingest. The fact that this card exists doesn’t make me optimistic about that, but we’ll see what else we can do with cards of our opponents we exiled.

Wow, this card sure is lame. I’m not necessarily saying it’s bad (though I’d guess it is), just… really lame. Most mythics nowadays do have some amount of awesomeness from a purely casual and flavor point of view. There are cards like Omniscience, Enter the Infinite, Ghastly Conscription, Rise of the Dark Realms – huge game changing spells of that nature, and there are insane twodrops like Dragon Whisperer, which not only tells a cool story, it’s also sort of an epic card, and not only because it makes dragons. Undergrowth Champion is a Scathe Zombies. Sure, there’s some upside here, but it still looks mostly a Grey Ogre. Nobody has ever been excited by Pearled Unicorns. Ever. If this new Brindle Boar (if you have doubts as to the vanilla status of this particular creature, you should talk to my good friend Amit Cohen) doesn’t end up the most boring mythic in the set, I will be severely disappointed.

Well, I guess it was sort of time for an enemy colored man land cycle, but still… I’m getting at least a case of Battle for Zendikar at this point, and I doubt I’ll be selling much from this set over the next couple of years. With this many casual staples in it, plus expeditions etc. this set is going to be insane, which means several things

a) during standard most of the good cards will be worthless anyway

b) you should probably buy some casual/eternal staples upon it rotating out

c) if you plan to chaos draft with this set 5 years from now, do make sure to keep some packs

Maybe the rest of the set will be crap, but at this point it does have to be crappy indeed for Battle for Zendikar not to gain a ton of value over time as the player base grows. Oh, also, this land isn’t very good. If the rest of the cycle is this bad, all of the above might be unfounded babbling.

I’m going to fall asleep any second now. I’ll post this before I do