Day 105 – needs moar Magic Origins!

While I haven’t gotten around to finding a convenient new excuse, I also haven’t gotten around to writing a non-Spoiler centric Blog update. Oh well, what can you do? (This was a rhetoric question. One I really do not want an answer to!)

We do have three new card though, so let’s get to it 🙂

So, these are Chandra’s parents, huh? Does that mean the Elflady we talked about yesterday (and I really am hoping it isn’t a guy here, otherwise that would be a little embarrassing) is in fact Nissas mom? I must say, introducing the parents/guardians of the Planeswalkers the set is about is pretty cool. It really helps introduce the characters properly, which is awesome.

The card itself is… well, I suppose it might be ok? I really don’t like cards that break limited but suck in constructed and these guys do look like they fit that description. 4 power and toughness for 4 mana isn’t really what it used to be anymore though, and maybe the Nalaars will end up being a little weaker than cards like Geist Honored Monk. I am skeptical though, since even though the stats are a little weaker, the second ability is super relevant for limited.

As much as I love 3 mana 1/1s that draw a card when they come into play (and bouncing them for value), I have always disliked cards that don’t immediately do anything unless I have some more cards at the ready. Sometimes they still turn out to be pretty bonkers though, and I think this will be in the category of those that are worth it. You do need a good number of Power 3 creatures – at least 10 I’d say – but then it quickly get out of hand.

I remember fondly my attempts to mill people out with Jace’s Erasure. It didn’t work out that well, but it was still fun! Now this card… this card is a little better. Just a tiny bit. Milling twice as fast is all nice and good, but the main problem mill-winconditions of this sort have, is that they are completely dead when they aren’t killing your opponent. 6 mana may be a steep price indeed, but you do get to mill them for two as well, which will definitely contribute to pushing through those last points of “damage”.

I really do like the card, and while I’m far from sure that I’m doing myself a favor drafting it, I’m sure I will enjoy that challenge. As many times as it will take!

Wow, it’s gotten late. I think this may be the shortest post I’ve ever written, but, oh, well, what can you do? (remember, it’s rhetorical!)

Love you! ❤


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