Day 98 – PARTY

I know I’m late a few days by now, but I just realized that I’ve made it through half of the six months I promised. You know, what this calls for? A PARTY!

Erm, setting ponies aside for a moment, having written close to a hundred posts I am now at a point I never dreamed of reaching. The fact that I simply didn’t notice I reached a milestone here, also signifies that I am no longer writing simply to win the challenge – if that were the case there are some moments I definitely would have given up – but because there are some among you who read this blog regularly, enjoy it, and encourage me to go on. That’s really awesome of you, and it means a lot to me. More than I feel that I owe myself to actually finish something I started for once, I feel like I owe you one for that encouragement. The only way I know how to repay that debt is to keep writing until you lose interest 🙂

All of that sappiness done with, I must say I feel like I am dead on my feet and it’s only 20 past 8. Working is so overrated – I really don’t get why so many people do it *shudder*. What I understand even less is how anyone can both work 50 hours a week and still have friends. All I want to do is crawl into bed for half of the weekend and replay Fallout 1 and 2 for the other half – yet here I am, sitting next to Amit, yawning every 3 seconds and boring him by writing a Blog. And tomorrow evening there might be some sort of housewarming party I will be half expected to attend. Terrible.

So, Magic. Well, I played Magic for the first time in close to a week, so yay! Back when I did 20 drafts a day I only showed you a handful of them. Now that I play much less, I can show you every single deck I draft, which in the end might equate to almost the same amount of decklists. You do like decklists, right? So, let’s take a look:


result 1-1

Yeah, I’m back to Dragons, mostly because I sold a few hundred tickets – tickets I raised by selling my soul and everything else of worth I had outside of my Vintage cards, including my MMA15 packs – and can not afford to play MMA. But also, because I don’t really want to, especially when I’m this tired.

Dragons really isn’t the worst format, so playing it still is an option worth exploring. This deck turned out to be both boring and unexciting though, resulting in an anticlimactic (mull + screw) but not undeserved semifinals loss.

I did open the second Ojutai of my life as well as a Soulfire Grandmaster though, which is kind of nice (though it would have been nicer to open that dragon when it was worth 40 tix). What I most took from this draft though, is that it may not be just the format that makes me erratically switch colors – I also do it in perfectly normal formats, and while not as devastating as in MMA, it still does not result in good decks.

So, did we forget some Origins card? Let’s see… nope, got that one. That one too. Ah, there is one:

There was a Mythic rare mixed in between somewhere! While I don’t usually much care for or about mythics, strangely I think I like this card. I think it is sort of interesting for constructed in that it looks like it is almost good. It’s a card that can easily win you the game off a mulligan to 5 or something, if uncontested and if doesn’t get removed in a timely fashion, it is completely broken. On the other hand, even the decks that can take advantage of a 4 mana curvetopper want to keep at least some burn spells to play at instant speed, so don’t think there is much chance he will cut it.

Still, I like mythics like this. Cards that look like they could be broken – but don’t end up broken – and do not warp limited games too much. Yeah, he is exciting to open in limited, but he isn’t really a fourdrop, and he is no Gideon Jura or anything of the sort. He is certainly strong, but he isn’t invincible.

And this is where I will call it quits for today, because my brain is not working anymore. I need to do some sleeping, play some Fallout and stare at some walls + ceilings. That’s my plan for tomorrow!

Love you


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