Day 97 – more distractions – but also a little more Origins

It’s gotten very late yet again, and I’m really sorry I keep doing this. Having long days filled with real, properly exhausting work is a new experience for me (or rather one I have gotten used to not having, while I never did get used to it when I did have them). Mostly though I had my head elsewhere today. My baby brother had an unfriendly encounter with a wall, causing him a very spectacular (though small) head wound and when he started complaining about feeling dizzy I rushed him off to a hospital where we met his mother. I thought the chance it was something more serious than a very mild concussion – if that – was incredibly low, but we obviously needed to be certain. Even my mother – a woman who doesn’t have a doctor of any kind she sees ever, who didn’t take my 8-year-old older brother with a broken collar-bone to a doctor because she already knew how it would be treated and that the visit was a waste of time – this woman, who I have learned to take very very seriously whenever she tells me to go to a hospital, taught me to be wary of dizziness and nausea after a strong hit on the head – and to go to a hospital immediately if I threw up or still felt sick after a few hours.

When he stopped properly responding to me and just stared off into nothing rather unfocused, I was terrified, and all my instincts were screaming at me to get him to a hospital ASAP, get him checked and to make a 100% certain he was fine. Well, he is fine, and if it had been just that, it probably wouldn’t have kept me from writing. What really disturbs me is the reaction from the doctor at the children’s emergency ward – a man who clearly thought bringing a 2year old with a head wound to a hospital was an absurd waste of his time, and didn’t take our concerns the slightest bit serious. He removed the blood and patched up the wound – and that’s it (except for very openly showing his contempt for our over protectiveness). When we specifically asked if there was any risk left or anything we should beware (maybe not have him headbang for the rest of the day? any advice?) he said “Oh, don’t worry only about 1-2 children annually come to our hospital with cerebral bleeding, so he should be fine. If his pupils are unfocused, he faints, is dizzy, very nauseous or throws up you should probably come back though”. I then mentioned (again), that he had been out of it for a while, and complained of dizziness and nausea before we came to the hospital, which he apparently did not take as a big enough reason to check if his pupils dilated correctly, or ask the child in question how he was feeling. What? No, seriously, what the fuck? The fact that “only” 1-2 children a year come to this particular hospital with BLEEDING IN THEIR BRAIN has nothing to do with this child. He could easily be that one child. He could, far more easily, have had a concussion – at which point it is possible that no action needs to be taken, with the incredibly important exception of telling us what he needs to avoid doing and what we need to keep an eye on. When we left the hospital, with not new information and still feeling anxious, I was annoyed with this man and slightly angry at him. Now that I have had some time to think things through, I’m freaking furious. This is not the first time something like this has happened at that particular hospital, and by a very large margin not the worst. That ward has been toying with the lives of my brothers on numerous occasions and it is past time we do something about it. Complaints shall be made, and if need be more.

Anyway, I’m ranting again. Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled Magic: the Gathering content.

I don’t get these cards. I mean, yeah, every limited environment has got some rotten eggs, and it’s not like these are unplayable or anything – they’re just mediocre-bad fillers. So many of the other cards they are putting into these intro decks for new players to play with are really strong – making you think it is going to be a powerful limited format. And then, white gets this? Really? Can a format that has this:

really not deal with this:

Tappers are very very good, and yeah, for some formats maybe they have occasionally made them too good. But they are an integral part of Magic (in my opinion at least) and instead of making them horrible, I prefer the approach of fostering an environment that naturally balances them.

Another thing that really bothers me is how they keep printing pure upgrades of humongous proportions of cards they JUST FREAKING PRINTED ONE SET AGO, in, like basically EVERY SINGLE SET. Defeat is a rather cool name, and they threw it out there for a couple of months, only to then say “haha, noob, we print your replacement now. You’re done!). Poor Defeat. Poor future card that could have been named defeat, but instead got stuck with “got you beat”.

Ah yes, we were all really waiting for another Runemark cycle. Pretty much exactly what we want to see! These aren’t good cards, and they won’t be played much, if ever. The white one at least has some applications as a filler for an aggro deck, and the black one could be ok in a prowess heavy deck I suppose. The green one feels like pure insult though. Ah, Deadly Recluse, how far have you fallen?

Anyway, I suppose my slightly miffed mood might have affected my choice of cards here, but even with so many cool cards having been spoiled, it is important to see that there are definitely cards that suck. As sweet as a format with a high powerlevel is, a format that has some powerful cards and a lot of trash is equally horrific, if not considerably more so. I am excited for more spoilers, excited for the set and a little scared it will suck. But, for now, I will remain cautiously optimistic.

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