Day 95 – another quick look at Magic Originis

There are several good news making my day a little brighter, if not shorter. For one, I have finally managed to sort and list all the cards I brought back from GP Utrecht – for a little over 950 Euro. Of course I will not sell every single one of those cards, much less in a reasonable time-span, and even then I will still pay 5% commission, but considering I payed a little over 300 Euro including travel and food, that’s not so bad. A triple hurray for me and my commonpile looting skills. As well as my opening skills. And the third hurray just because I’m so awesome. Yay!

The second thing is that yes, apparently even I deserve minimum wage + social benefits which means that instead of 700 Euro, I am now going to get payed 2100 Euro monthly. Which is a little more. Between having a real income, selling some of my cards, transforming a bunch of my Magic Online tickets into real money and no tournaments or other expensive things on the horizon, for the first time in a long while I actually have more money than I spend. Which is a nice change and will allow me to pay back my family a little for supporting me throughout the last years.

I don’t have much time, but we still have some Magic Origins cards to look at, so let’s get to it.

If I’m not very mistaken, this is the first uncommon Overrun we’ve had in a while. I did like that they shifted all Overrun and Mind Control effects to rare and downgraded them significantly – and am even more grateful ever since I have had the pleasure to play with Overwhelming Stampede in MMA15 – but this might honestly be ok. It’s still a card that can easily end the game, but at 6 mana, that is something I might be able to accept, and allowing you to chump some of the creatures to not immediately die is definitely fairer than giving them trample. On the other hand I’m not sure exactly how this blocking thing works – and whenever I am not entirely certain about a rules question, that means there will be confusion on the FNM table.

Are you allowed to double block a creature and let another one through? I am guessing not, in which case this is very close to a Plague Wind and may not actually be ok in powerlevel. This is an experiment on Wizards side, and my prediction is that Overruns will go back to being rare after Magic Origins.

This is a card I will be very interested to see in action, and to observe how early people take it. On paper, it looks absurd. I know I have an unusually high amount love for big semi-overcosted creatures, but 6 mana for a 4/6 vigilance is really not a rip-off. Getting a free, hasty tapper with no activation cost out of the deal sounds a little too good.

Man-o-Wars have always been absurd in limited, and making it one mana more expensive (or taking away flying, however you might want to look at it) should not change that. Back in RTR this effect cost five mana and gave you a turtle – and that was incredibly good. Despite cards like these being a little more powerful than I like my cards to be, I do enjoy them in my Core Sets. Separatist Voidmage being a 2/2 instead of a 1/3 or 1/4 means that he should be a little better in an aggressive deck, though he can buy you a lot of life when you’re behind too.

The more cards I look at, the more this set looks like M13 – a very powerful environment with cards that are good in multiple kinds of decks, instead of having been designed for a specific archetype. Formats where commons have this consistently high powerlevel are usually awesome, and my first impression is that Origins might well follow that trend.

I really love all limited environments that have a multitude of commons and uncommons that produce real, tangible card advantage – and these two certainly deliver. They are not without faults – and as such not oppressive – but they are powerful and playing them correctly will give you an edge.

Unfortunately that is all the time I have today. I hope you are as excited about the last core set as I am, and wish us all the strength to wait another 6 weeks.


2 thoughts on “Day 95 – another quick look at Magic Originis

  1. On the rules question: The way that card is phrased, you must do your best to block each attacking creature with at least one blocker. Further blockers can be assigned as you see fit (including not at all). So if you have no good blocks, it’s basically an edict for each creature the caster attacks with.

    I’m not too sure how it interacts with Menace. I think you have to block if you have enough to block two on the Menace creature and block all other creatures but you can actually assign one to each other creature and then not be able to block the Menace.


    • Yeah, I assumed it worked like that too, but any uncommon that has this powerlevel and throws up so many obvious questions is a pretty bad design honestly. Core Set uncommons are supposed to be pretty easy and intuitive, not frustrate the first-time tournament player into staying on the kitchen table


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