Day 116 – The joys and hardships of the casual Magic player

So, today I went looking for some cards. For the most part, fortunately, I wasn’t looking for anything overly specific, just cards random cards I took a spontaneous liking to. There were, however, also some very specific commons and uncommons I was looking for. Most of them, I have now given up looking for after a whole freaking day of doing nothing else. Searching through crates upon crates of Magic cards for a playset (or even singleton) of a specific card is a total pain and only one of the many reasons I do not enjoy building Magic decks. Some of the cards I needed to find were pretty obscure (Black Vise for example is a card I think I own exactly once and that one copy could be in any of every box and pile I have at home, as well as quite a number of binders, constituting well over a hundred thousand cards – quite possibly over two hundred thousand cards). I wasn’t too surprised (though still upset) to not find it. But how hard can it be to find a Returned Centaur – my literal favorite common of a recent set I drafted a billion times? I should have at the very least 50-60 copies of this lying around. If I find ANY draftdeck from that period, chances are well over 50% that it contains at least one copy of this card. Can you imagine I had been looking for a full playset of Ghoulcaller’s Bells to build Lantern Control? *shudder*

Yeah, having Magic cards is a pain. I tried sorting them a few times, but I’ve given up by now. I still go through boxes, separate them into cards I can sell and complete bulk. The cards I can sell are then sorted, the bulk is not. Is it worth it to sort the bulk too, and keep a playset each, just in case I do need them? Honestly, I think it’s a much better option to just buy every random bulk common you need from your store if you cannot find it immediately, since the couple of Euros it might end up costing you, are worth infinitely more than the hours of frustration going through boxes can be.

On the other hand: holy crap, I have so much money in cards lying around. I was under the illusion I’d already posted most of my expensive cards for sale, but going through boxes of mostly bulk commons has taught me never to underestimate what a few years of rigorous limited tournaments can pile up. I’ve found loads of Unhinged basics, some Council’s Judgments, a Keranos, about 20 Planeswalkers, about 15 Shocklands, two foil Abrupt Decay, some Judge Promo Bitterblossoms, some other Judge Promos, Playsets of Commons/Uncommons like Serum Visions, Choke or Spell Snare, a Sensei’s Divining Top and so on, plus hundreds of 1-5 Euro cards and thousands of cards I had already deemed worthy to sell. I didn’t even look through half of what I have. It really was an eyeopening experience, and I intend to spend some more time with my cards in the future. If you have a large amount of boxes lying around that you think you looked through once or twice to sort out the more expensive cards (which was the state I remembered my boxes to be in), I can advise to try looking at them ones more. You may end up being surprised.

Since we still have some time, let’s look at some of today’s spoilers, since that is what we are all here for anyway.

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Day 115 – I knew all them Companies were made of Vampires!

Hello my friends, I am dreadfully late again, so I suppose that means I had a very hard day that left me mentally and physically exhausted? Why yes, thank you for your concern, it was indeed quite taxing and can probably be best summed up in one picture:


As you can probably guess, the preparation for this picture consisted mostly of eating kilograms of cherries, as well as various berries. I also had to collect them! It was hard work!

Admittedly, it’s not all sunshine and cherries, since the summer also brings the unfortunate side effect of little boys playing with water and mud, but I now proudly consider myself a pro at changing clothes and limiting the collateral damage to the lawn and various buildings. All in all, it was just too nice a day to think about Magic. And I’m getting payed for it too, which is fairly sweet.

In Magic news, there is an announcement you should read, if you haven’t yet done so, and to me it sounds mostly sensible. Since I only just read it myself, I don’t feel qualified to say more than that at this time.

And then there is this:

My first thought was: Ah, it’s like a Containment Priest, but for decks that don’t care about the body. My second thought was: holy crap, Collected Company. I’m certain most people had different priorities, but the fact remains: this does cantrip-counter Collected Company and 0-for-0 Deathmist Raptors stone dead. I’m not sure, how much that is currently worth in Standard/Modern, but it’s not nothing, I’m sure. It also proves that these Companies are made up of Trolls and/or Vampires, which is interesting and something I suspected all along. See how they’re glittering in the sunshine (in all honesty, it looks like they could be turning to stone, so maybe they really are trolls).

Staying serious here for a minute, I am not a constructed player at all, and I just read the card for the first time, but it looks huge. I’m probably not even considering half the cards it hits, and I could definitely see this main in Standard/Modern control decks depending on the meta and as a valuable sideboard tool at the very least.

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