Day 73 – still recovering here (have mercy!)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I correctly figured out yesterday, that drinking that last bottle of wine would be something I would severely regret today. I then almost decided to not drink it, and not spend infinite tix drafting Magic Online. It was very close. In the end, the only thing I remember of my Magic Online drafts, is that I lost them all really closely in the semi finals, which must have sucked.

We need to be out of the apartment within the next hour, and before we go I still need to pack my things, take a shower and breakfast. This is going to be a very short and uninteresting update as a result. Fortunately, I sent all the guys who want Magic-related posts away until Tuesday, so we should have the Blog all to ourselves!

Let’s look at the aftermath of GP Florence for me personally: As a Berlin based Magicplayer, I am really proud of my local game store. While I have zero national pride where Germany is concerned, and not an extreme amount of national pride where the European Union is concerned (which I consider to be “my home country”), I do have quite a tendency for local patriotism. 6 players from our Wednesday drafts in the Anderer Spieleladen in Berlin meeting in the finals of a team GP is one of those things that make me both proud and happy despite it containing little contribution of myself.

More importantly it means one thing: for the first time since I have started playing regular drafts there, we have a whole troupe qualified for the PT, instead of just one or two people. We have enough guys that we could test together, and if we’re feeling really fancy maybe even make team T-Shirts or something. It could be absolutely glorious. Only problem: I’m not qualified. Every deck I touched this weekend gloriously self-destructed in my hands, which either means I had a very unlucky weekend (not terribly likely) or that my lack of preparation and focus compounded my slightly below average run when it comes to mulliganing and related badbeats.

I really want to go to this PT though. My best shot to achieve that is going x-2 in Utrecht in two weeks. Preparing for a Modern Masters limited GP without the set being available on Magic Online is not easier than preparing for a Team GP, and we all know how that turned out. To me it also looks as if the Sealed format is going to be simply miserable, with a bunch of pools not really capable of assembling a coherent deck with 23 playables. At least the fixing is good, which might help, but the bombs being as crazy strong as they are, is another thing that makes me uncomfortable.

Well, I will renew my attempts to qualify through MtGO PTQs, and I will find a way to prepare for Utrecht.

For now though, I will pack my things, take a shower and breakfast.

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