Day 72 – better late than not

As I begin writing this, it is 23:55, which I consider a perfectly adequate time, as it is well within my time limit of “today”. Unfortunately, I am a little drunk from our Berlin team celebration party (ok, it wasn’t a party, more a dinner, but whatever!), so I don’t anticipate posting before 1 a.m.

Since there is still the after-party party to consider (and I am completely and utterly exhausted), I will not go beyond a simple summary of my top moments of the day.

First, I decided to play the Super Sunday Series. Usually, I don’t play it, because once I fail to make day 2 I am so crushed and miserable that I really don’t want to commit to another 12 hour winner takes all tournament that will end up with me being miserable. For whatever reason, this time I took the loss much better than I have on other occasions, so at 9 a.m. sharp I was ready to rumble.

Only when they announced the tournament was going to be 9 rounds + top8, did I first question the wisdom of playing such a tournament. I was then presented with a pool containing – among other money rares – a Dragonlord Atarka, an Ugin and a Surrak Huntcaller, with the option of playing black for Crux of Fate and whatever else shit this pool had. It was a pretty good pool. More than that: it being a 50 Euro pool meant, that fate had presented me with the option of reconsidering my minimum 10 hour commitment. If there was ever a moment to cop-out, this was it. I decided to stay and play for an invitation to Seattle.

From the Pool I got, I assembled this deck, which looks to be quite adequate:


While the deck did play some filler cards, it was certainly very good, and I expected a lot from it. After easily winning the first 3 matches 2-0, that feeling of expectation was certainly still there.

Unfortunately the good 10-9 mana base turned out to be my downfall, when I didn’t manage to draw two separate colors of mana after several mulligans for three matches in a row (though there were some games in between, where I lost for different reasons, and I will not claim purely bad luck, because there were obviously decisions I could have made better).

Who cares about the Super Sunday Series though, when the possibility of an all-Berlin finals was becoming more and more realistic? After round 12, I began to seriously anticipate this end result, and said to my team-mate and fellow awesome person Anna Tosenko, that we really had to do some cheering if such an event actually occurred. Two women, one word, several helpful tournament officials and our plan started to take up some shape. We took a few sheets of paper, glued them together and started decorating it with hearts, because, why not? Hearts are cool!

Holding up a shoddily put together banner while screaming “BERLIN!” on the top of your lungs until even every last Berlin Magic player at the site is sick and tired of you being there, is one of the most awesome things I have done in all of the time playing Magic.

Well, it was kind of cool anyway.

Well, whatever. Party ain’t over, so I’m going to have to get back to it 😉 I hope you had a similarly sweet weekend to us Berlin Magic players, and wish you the very best of nights!

Love and Hugs!


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